SPANISH MOSS — 160 + pages — Launching in 2017
written and illustrated by: Terrance Grace


CHARLES MOSS has been DEAD for more than a century.

It is now 2017 and he has returned to the land of the living in order to avenge his father’s death; and lay claim to his rightful home — Moss House, a decrepit plantation in the Louisiana bayou.


It all leads back to one fateful night and the discovery that Charles is secretly the BASTARD-CHILD born from his WHITE FATHER’S affair with MARIE LAVEAU — THE VOODOO QUEEN, herself.


In a jealous rage, Charles’ white half-brother, René, murders their father and the entire clan… Sparing only Charles. But the two men are lost that night in the wake of a FIRE and HURRICANE.


It is up to the one LIVING soul — MALVINA LATOUR, keeper and protector of Marie LaVeau’s legacy, to stop the inevitable return to this HEART OF DARKNESS in an endless cycle of DEATH and RE-BIRTH within a hallucinatory labyrinth of VOODOO lore and shape-shifting DEMONS.